Capital Gains Tax and Crypto Tax Essentials

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Capital Gains Tax and Crypto Tax Essentials

Making Tax Simple
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If you own shares or Crypto then this guide is perfect for you!

Learn exactly how to work out your gains for both cryptocurrencies as well as stocks applying the complex rules seen in these areas of tax. Included in the guide is a calculator to work out the tax due on your capital gains automatically based on your information. The guide also includes tips and tricks on methods you can use allowances to reduce your capital gains tax and maximise your money to take you to that millionaire status.

-- Contents --
» Real Time Crypto Currency Profit Tracker
» Real Time Share Profit Tracker
» Crypto Currency Tax Guidance
» Capital Gains Tax Guidance
» Worked examples to show you how to use the tools included

This spreadsheet provides unique tools along with Tax tips on how to work out your capital gains tax for both crypto and stocks. All you need to do is make a copy of the spreadsheet and start applying your numbers to begin tracking your stocks and crypto in real time as well as working out your gain on disposals.

As an introduction, check out this video as a preview of some of the base content in the guide!

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Key Features!

Live Trackers
Real Time Crypto and Stock Tracker
Tax tips on both crypto and stocks
CGT Calculator to help you work out your gain
Worked examples to help you understand!


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