Personal Tax Masterclass - Understand and SAVE money on your taxes!

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Personal Tax Masterclass - Understand and SAVE money on your taxes!

Making Tax Simple
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The Personal Tax Masterclass is designed to increase your knowledge and help you save money on your taxes!

Do you want to save on your taxes?

Do you have multiple sources of income?

Are you looking to plan and grow your income?

Are you an employee, an investor, have a side hustle or are married?

If you answered yes to any of these then the Personal Tax Masterclass WILL help you!

The Personal Tax Masterclass is a practical solution to increase your tax knowledge to help you to start saving money. The guide has been designed to teach anyone about taxes that may impact them as an individual with over 50 worked examples to show applications.

This guide combines all of the personal tax knowledge that I have gained whilst studying and working for tax qualifications.

🤑The Personal Tax Masterclass will cover -

  • The UK Tax System

  • Part 1 (The Employee and The Hustler)

  • Part 2 (The Investor and The Married Couple)

  • Self Assessment filing and deadlines

Within both Part 1 and Part 2, we will seek to understand the tax calculations that will impact each section (Being an employee, having a side hustle, being an investor and being married) along with the best tax allowances that will help you to reduce your taxes.

💰You will receive -

PDF files which can be downloaded (The guide can be printed to enable you to write your answers to the examples)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why listen to what I have to say?

I am an ATT tax qualified accountant with many years of practical experience of working and studying tax. I have a detailed understanding of the tax rules and allowances which can be applied in a large range of situations.

Is this guide suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! I have designed this guide to progress within each section is level to start off with the basics and then build up in ability. Along with this, each section has worked examples to show how the rules apply

What if I am still confused after reading the guide?

I can be easily contacted through Twitter where you will be able to ask your questions following reading through the guide. I will be more than happy to help

Please note that this product does not constitute professional tax or legal advice

I want this!
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